SiloView Telemetry Platform

Manage Silo Stock Remotely

The SiloView is a single box telemetry solution with four inputs (4-20mA) from a selection of measuring devices such as Load Cells, Level Sensors and Strain Gauges. It logs data and transmits real time data to the Dedicated VMI server via the local mobile network, displaying real time readings via the MySilo web platform.

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Wireless Connectivity

The SiloView features a quad band GSM module allowing the unit to connect via the local cellular network – no phone lines required. Multiple band support allows the unit to roam between networks in remote and ever changing regions. Quad Band allows the unit to support four frequency bands: 850 and 1900 MHz, ensuring that it remains active in the most remote locations.

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SiloView Telemetry Unit Transmit
SiloView Design & Features

Design & Features

The SiloView features an integral display, making it easy to configure and check readings of the sensors that are connected to it. In addition, the units LCD display is visible without opening the unit meaning it can replace a local gauge if required.

The 125 x 75 x 65 (mm) SiloView unit has an IP67 rating ensuring that it can withstand the most extreme environmental pressures. It is completely safe against dust and the ingress of water immersion up to 1m.

The unit is protected by a 4 digit PIN to ensure that no unauthorised users can tamper with the units settings. It can run from an internal battery, a solar cell or an external source of power.

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  • ROHS Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive
  • WEEE Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive
  • CE ConformitĂ© EuropĂ©enne
  • PTCRB Certificationo

How It Works

Silo Measuring

Silo Measuring

Silo(s) are accurately measured by an appropriate means and an output (4-20mA) is sent to the SiloView.

SiloView Telemetry Unit

SiloView Receives Signals

Signals are received from the chosen measurement device and the SiloView transmits at set intervals.

Wireless Cellular Network

Cellular Network

The SiloView uses the local cellular network to send the readings to the Dedicated VMI cloud server.

SiloView Web Platform

MySilo Web Platform

The Dedicated VMI servers process the data and display real time information via the MySilo web platform.

SiloView Web Platform iPad

MySilo Web Platform, The Complete Solution

The MySilo web platform is a unique, browser based silo monitoring platform providing real time information of silo stock and asset data. From simple monitoring and visualization of tanks and silos, to extremely precise tank gauging, delivery management and inventory control on a global scale, MySilo guarantees complete inventory visibility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world.

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