ORB Bulk Silo Remote Monitoring

Multi-Vessel Monitoring

The ORB system allows for access to inventory information and stored data from a remote location via the Internet. Multiple sites with multiple vessels can be monitored and managed. Reports can be run for inventory tracking and trends.

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Design & Features

The ORB is protected by a Nema 4X enclosure ensuring that it can withstand the harshest of environments. The ORB interfaces with 4-20mA and digital output devices, such as level sensors and load cells, to monitor and log system performance and activity. High volumes of data can be securely monitored, retrieved and organized by various users within the plant as well as remotely. Current and historically inventory data are available to sites and users via internet/intranet with administrative issued access. Continually monitors and alerts users about material and alarm conditions.

The ORB provides a reliable means of gathering and transmitting real-time inventory information from anywhere, any time via your LAN or the Internet.

Tech Sheet

ORB Silo Monitoring System Design & Features
ORB Silo Monitoring iLevel Platform

Enterprise Wide

The ORB also makes it possible for suppliers to manage their customer’s inventories more effectively than ever before. The result is a fully functional remote Vendor Managed Inventory VMI) process by which a supplier keeps track of a customer’s inventory, scheduling deliveries according to known thresholds and reducing the high cost of data collection, personnel and equipment, measurement errors, and overstocking for both supplier and customer.

Suppliers make fewer delivery runs and eliminate wasteful haul-backs or split-loads, while customers minimize inventory, reduce lead-time, and eliminate run-outs.

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How It Works

Silo Measuring

Silo Measuring

Silo(s) are accurately measured by an appropriate means and an output (Serial) is sent to the ORB.

ORB Telemetry Unit Remote

Bulk Silo Monitoring

The ORB receives the signals and stores the data, transmitting at set intervals.

3G GPRS Remote Cellular Netowrk Router

Local or Cellular Network

The ORB stores its own web server which can be hosted by either a local or 3G router.

iLevel Silo Monitoring Web Platform

iLevel Web Platform

The ORB process the data and displays real time information via the iLevel web platform.

iLevel Web Platform

Accessible through a secure and private IP, the ORB’s built in web server and software platform provides users with a full screen overview of the connected applications. The simple layout is packed with a selection of tools that allow users to measure stock levels and assess historical data. The software also allows for remote calibration of tanks via Kistler Morse connected devices reducing costs and man hours.

Click the link below to view the live demo (Username and password: Demo)

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iLevel Silo Monitoring Web Platform iPad Tablet

Tools & Features

ilevel provides a number of beneficial features for those wishing to monitor, manage and control bulk assets. The ilevel offers an array of tools including email alarms, real-time view, remote calibration, historical trending and the ability to download historical data into excel.