Monitor, manage and control your silo stock assets via the Internet…

MySilo remote monitoring web platform with SiloView

MySilo is a web based, silo monitoring, software platform. It can be used to monitor and track the levels of remote silo stock contents from anywhere around the world. With MySilo, sensors on tanks and silos can now communicate directly with the supplier – via a web portal – and report the need for replenishment automatically and in good time.


Take the guesswork out of silo management

Which customer, which location, which tank, which product?

Using the SiloView to transmit sensor data, MySilo provides the user with a real time, remote overview of all stocks and their current status. Numerous filter functions allow fast grouping, sorting and listing of requirements, either by product type, level status, alarm level or other factors. The search tool also allows users to filter sites according to their search results.

MySilo range of tools and features

Tools & Features

MySilo makes it easy to track and monitor silo stock levels in real time. Through a range of tools and features, MySilo provides users with a thorough overview and in-depth analysis of their silo inventory. Users can get a quick overview of stock levels immediately via the home page, review historical data via the new and improved “trends” facility and view all their assets (silos) via one unique graphical display…

MySilo on iPad

Anywhere, any time, any device

Thanks to its web based capabilities, the MySilo web platform can be accessed from any device with internet access and a web browser. The platform is supported on all popular web browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox), meaning that it can be accessible from any device, desktop or mobile – No software is required. This allows the full enterprise to access vital stock data at all times and from any location.

MySilo SMS and Email alerts on mobile devices

Stay notified with email and SMS alerts

As well as a simple, quick and easy to use web based interface, MySilo also has alarm notification abilities, so that we can keep you notified even when not looking at MySilo. MySilo can send email and/or SMS alerts straight to you once an alarm limit is reached. Whether it be a low level alarm or a high level, MySilo will send an alert in real time, keeping you updated on the status of your silo stock levels.

How It Works

Silo Measuring Icon

Silo Measuring

Silo(s) are accurately measured by an appropriate means and a signal is sent to the SiloView.

SiloView Telemetry Unit Icon

SiloView Receives Signals

Signals are received from the chosen measurement solution and the SiloView transmits at set intervals.

Wireless Cellular Network Icon

Cellular Network

The SiloView uses the local cellular network to transmit readings to the Dedicated VMI cloud server.

SiloView Web Platform Icon

MySilo Web Platform

The Dedicated VMI servers process the data and display real time information via the MySilo web platform.

Excel and PDF friendly

MySilo allows all important inventory data to be exported and downloaded directly to Microsoft Excel or into PDF format. Users can save any time-framed data directly to Excel for further review, analysis and adjustment.

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