The only weigh to measure

Dedicated VMI provide full silo measurement solutions, from Load Cells to Continuous Level Measurement sensors. However, through years of experience, we believe that the best way to measure silo/tank stock levels is to weigh the silo, however we also provide alternative continuous level measurement solutions where weighing is not possible. We are experienced in the commissioning of specialist equipment and have skilled engineers who can suitably provide the best solution for any application.

An independent report carried out in 2003 by RMC UK found that weighing the silo was the most ideal solution for any application. The report tested various silo measuring solutions including radar and ultrasonic to our own Microcell bolt-on strain gauges. It was concluded that weighing the silo via the Microcell system was cost effective and offered the best accuracy amongst all the technologies tested.

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Silo Measuring Solutions

Silo Measuring Load Cells Weighing

Load Cells

Load Cells provide accurate silo stock information through the weighing of the silo. When product levels within the tank rise, the load cells compress giving an indication to what is within the tank.

Kistler Morse Bolt-On Strain Gauges

Strain Gauges

When load cells have not been installed prior to erection of the tank, retrofit strain gauges can be used to measure the compression moving through the silo legs. This in turn indicates to what is within the silo.

Non-Contact Level Measurement Guided Wave Radar Sensor

Non-Contact Level Sensors

Non-Contact level sensors such as ultrasonic or radar can be used in applications where weighing is not possible. Ideal for water applications they do not come into contact with the product within the tank.

Contact Level Measurement Radar Probe

Contact Level Sensors

Contact level sensors sit within the tank and come into direct contact with the product being measured. Guided Wave Radar and Hydrostatic sensors are suitable for applications where weighing of the silo is not possible.

Why is weighing powders important?

Today it is critical to know and understand your inventory down to the last unit in order to be efficient. These efficiencies can bring cost savings and a more productive work flow. Bulk inventory and in particular, powder based products, can sometimes be difficult to measure due to their size and difficult tank conditions (dust, product build up, moisture, etc.), but by weighing your vessels, those issues can be eliminated.

If it is not possible to weigh your vessel due to budget or structural constraints, there are still other options available.

Dedicated VMI work in partnership with a range of third party, continuous level measurement manufacturers and suppliers to provide you with the best solution for your application. Technology such as Radar and Ultrasonics can be used to determine the amount of material inside a bin, tank or silo. These methods are often lessaccurat that is still non-contact and can provide similar levels of accuracy.