Dedicated VMI launch MySilo


Over the past year, Dedicated VMI have been working hard on updating their existing “eVMI” silo monitoring platform. The result is a new and improved system; MySilo.

MySilo is a web based, silo monitoring software platform. It can be used to remotely monitor and track the levels of remote silo stock contents from anywhere around the World.

With MySilo, sensors on tanks and silos can now communicate directly with the supplier – via a web portal – and report the need for replenishment automatically and in good time.

Vendor-managed inventory programs (VMI) are an efficient way of improving inventory monitoring and replenishment. The automated flow of information within a company or between partner companies creates transparency early on for the supplier – and security of supply for the purchaser.

How It Works

Silo Measuring Icon

Silo Measuring

Silo(s) are accurately measured by an appropriate means and a signal is sent to the SiloView.

SiloView Telemetry Unit Icon

SiloView Receives Signals

Signals are received from the chosen measurement solution and the SiloView transmits at set intervals.

Wireless Cellular Network Icon

Cellular Network

The SiloView uses the local cellular network to transmit readings to the Dedicated VMI cloud server.

SiloView Web Platform Icon

MySilo Web Platform

The Dedicated VMI servers process the data and display real time information via the MySilo web platform.

With the help of the web-based software, the supplier can assume responsibility for the customer’s stocks and makes sure they are always sufficiently replenished. This arrangement gives greater flexibility in their own resource and logistics management. The supplier no longer has to depend on the customer assessing his needs accurately and ordering replenishment’s on time. MySilo Inventory System takes over this function. To accomplish this task, the software provides automatic email and or SMS alerts to the supplier when stock levels drop and replenishment is needed.

MySilo makes it easy to track and monitor silo stock levels in real time. Through a range of tools and features, MySilo provides users with a thorough overview and in-depth analysis of their silo inventory. The program includes a series of well-designed analytical and planning tools that enables optimized demand, inventory and delivery planning.

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